Babyganics All-Purpose Wipes

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Your baby’s got a full time job: 1. Crawl on floors. 2. Explore every nook and cranny. 3. Touch every possible surface. Your job? Making sure all surfaces are super clean and ready for baby exploration. Done!

 Inside story

Formulated without: ammonia, bleach, phthalates, sulfates

  • Fragrance free
  • Plant-derived cleaning power
  • Durable & non-abrasive
  • Quick & convenient
  • Great for multiple surfaces

Great for cleaning kitchen countertops, high chairs, toys, walls, hardwood floors, painted surfaces, furniture, inside ovens, laminate, porcelain, granite, bathroom fixtures, wood, sealed stone, electronics, & more. You know the drill: pop the top, wipe the mess, close the lid.

ingredient ingredient type where it's from how it helps
Water Water

Water Base
Glycerin Plant-derived

Vegetable based Emollient, cleanser
Decyl glucoside Plant-derived

Coconut fatty alcohols, glucose (corn) Cleanser
Malic acid Plant-derived

Apple derived pH adjustor
Potassium Sorbate Plant-derived

Sorbic acid Preservative
Gluconolactone Plant-derived

Corn derived Preservative
Sodium benzoate Synthetic

Synthetic - salt of benzoic acid Preservative

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