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Hylavision Eye Health w/ HA

Hylavision Eye Health w/ HA

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Support your eye health with HylaVision™, featuring Hyaluronic Acid.*

Experts note a rise in the number of those with poor vision. Reasons for this increase are linked to aging, increased exposure to harmful environmental factors, and a lack of nutrients that support healthy eyes in our daily diet.

Like the rest of your body, your eyes need proper nutrition to stay healthy and maintain the everyday functions we take for granted. In addition to Hyaluronic Acid, Hyalogic® adds Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Bilberry, Vitamins A, C, E, and Zinc, creating a well-rounded vision health product for people of all ages.*

HylaVision™ is an oral supplement that supports eye health and performance*. Gluten, wheat, yeast and sugar free.

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