Breathe Deeply Every Day

Breathe Deeply Every Day

In this blog, you will discover why it is so important to take time out of your day to focus on your breathing using a specific method.  The benefits of deep breathing are so convincing, that even a skeptic will embrace the idea.

Why Is Deep Breathing Important?

  • Breathing Releases Toxins

If you are not breathing effectively, you are not allowing your body to eliminate 70% of the toxins that are released by breathing. This can place a toll on other systems in your body. Carbon dioxide, a natural waste of your body's metabolism, is released when you exhale air.  

  • Breathing Releases Tension

Tightened muscles and rapid, shallow breaths reduce your oxygen supply that is critical to your entire body.  Taking deep, rhythmic breaths allows your body to absorb the oxygen it needs.

  • Breathing Provides Relaxation and Focus

When you breathe deeply, your brain receives an ample dose of oxygen that allows you to relax. When your brain gets the oxygen it needs, your ability to focus improves. As you breathe in the positive and breathe out the negative, your body can release what it doesn't need and you can enjoy a sense of well being.

Breathing also helps all of your organs in your body. This simple method of breathing can become part of your daily routine.


Easy Steps Of Deep Breathing

  • Find a place where you can close your eyes if possible and get into a relaxed position preferably outside since air outside is usually more pure than air inside buildings and homes.
  • Slowly inhale through your nose, expanding your belly and then fill your lungs while counting to 5 (3 - 4 seconds).
  • Hold and count to 3. Feel your cells take in the clean, pure air giving them energy.
  • Exhale fully and slowly with your mouth slightly parted and count to 5 (3 to 4 seconds). Feel your body releasing waste and anything that is negative.
  • Remember that the most important part of deep breathing has to be regulating your breaths three to four seconds in, and three to four seconds out. 
You will feel more in control of your body, more energy and a peaceful calm.

Schedule your deep breathing exercise just as you would schedule something that is important to you. Try to take time to engage in the deep breathing method once daily and then move to two or more times as you become more comfortable with your new routine.

Breathe Deep

Close your eyes and lie on the ground
Put your hands on your belly and focus on the sound

Of breathing deeply through your nose
Relax everything from your head to your toes.

Allow negative thoughts to melt away
With each exhale your fears allay

As the air comes in your mind can embrace
The still small voice that gives you grace.

Relax and enjoy who you’re destined to be.
As you breathe you’ll be completely set free.

Continue to focus as you cleanse yourself
From anything that doesn’t speak life and health.

Your thoughts will turn to joy and peace
As anything destructive you gently release.

You are whole and loved and a precious one.
Remember this breathing when trials come.

After several breaths shift you to a new place
You’ll feel somewhat different from your feet to your face.

This conscious breathing can happen each day
And anything that weakens you will fade away.


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