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Collection: Blue Lizard Sunscreen

Blue Lizard is produced in Australia and is quickly being accepted as one of the best sunscreens available in the world.

Blue Lizard has several products to choose from:

  • Regular – Designed for average sunscreen use. Water-resistant (up to 240 minutes by Australian standards, 80 minutes by FDA standards). Contains 6% Zinc Oxide.
  • Sport – Similar to the Regular sunscreen, simply designed for use by more active people. Good for daily use and has the same water-resistance and Zinc Oxide content of Regular.
  • Face – Gel formula that can be used as a daily moisturizer with antioxidants (Vitamin E, caffeine, green tea). Can be worn under make-up. Contains 8% Zinc Oxide. Oil, paraben, and fragrance-free.
  • Sensitive – Designed for sensitive skin. Only contains natural minerals: Zinc Oxide (10%) and Titanium Dioxide (5%). Chemical, paraben and fragrance-free.
  • Baby – Designed for babies and young children. Only contains Zinc Oxide (10%) and Titanium Dioxide (5%). Chemical, paraben and fragrance-free.

All of Blue Lizard’s sunscreens are rated at an SPF30+.

    One of the best aspects of the Blue Lizard sunscreen line is that the bottles turn color when exposed to UV light.
    Blue Lizard products also measure up to Australian sunscreen standards, which are more strict than the FDA standards in the United States. The products are chemical-free and contain at least 6% zinc oxide (an ingredient that reflects rather than absorb UVA and UVB rays, compared to only the 1 to 2% found in competitor brands.

    Some Blue Lizard products can stay on for as long as 240 minutes in the water (by Australian standards, FDA testing rates it at 80 minutes), making it one of the most water-resistant (not waterproof) products on the market.