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Not all supplements are created equal.

Purely Integrative was established to help parents of our patients chose the most safe and effective supplements for their children.  Dr. Ali Carine, the founder of Purely Integrative, is a primary care pediatrician who uses all of what modern medicine has to offer along with holistic medical care, supplements and wellness. Over the years, she’s discovered three critical elements of what makes the best supplements for children and their families: purity, taste and safety.  All the supplements and products we offer must past the test in these three areas.


The best supplements start with pure, raw ingredients and Purely Integrative vets every product we sell to make sure you’re getting a pure, full potency product. Supplement companies have no consistency or regulations in the way they label their products or list their ingredients. Since we practice pediatric medicine, quality is paramount with our young patients. We don’t want them to get any subpar ingredients, fillers, additives, food dyes, sweeteners or artificial flavors. Through our years of experience, Purely Integrative has searched high and low for the purest supplements to maximize effectiveness. We only carry the best to offer.


We understand that giving your child medicine can be challenging.  Purely Integrative has discovered innovative ways for you to provide your children with the supplements they need without stress and anxiety.  Many of our supplements come in great tasting flavors and powders that can be mixed into water, milk or food for a pleasant experience for your child and you!  Reach out to our staff for more tips and tricks for helping your children take the supplements they need.


Purely Integrative has selected brands that regularly test their product and raw ingredients for contaminants and heavy metals.  Over the years, we’ve found and partnered with only trustworthy brands who have a commitment to providing safe supplements free of unnecessary chemicals or substances. If a brand doesn’t share this commitment, then we don’t carry it. The safety of our patients is one of our top priorities. In addition, food allergies are top of mind at Purely Integrative. Rest assured, our products are clearly labeled, and our shelves are stocked with many gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free and other allergen-free supplements.

The Purely Integrative Difference

Our business is built on setting you up for success on your path to wellness and improved health.  Please take full advantage of these differences that make Purely Integrative special:

  • Knowledgeable Staff: Our staff understands the power of supplements and what works best in various situations.  Most of us here at Purely Integrative are parents who have children that suffer from many of the aliments we treat.  You can contact us for more information about any of the products we sell.
  • Customer Loyalty Program: Our customer loyalty program generates instant and long-term savings!
  • Free Shipping & Returns: Always free shipping with no minimum purchase. If for some reason you’re unhappy with your order, we’ll pay your return shipping as well. 

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Come visit us at our store: 

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