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Not all supplements are created equal.

Who we are

Purely Integrative was established to help you chose the most safe and effective supplements. Ali Carine, DO, the founder of Purely Integrative, is a primary care pediatrician who uses all of what modern and holistic medicine has to offer. Dr. Carine values three critical elements of what makes the best supplements:  purity, taste and safety.


Throughout our years of experience, Purely integrative has searched for the purest of supplements to maximize effectiveness. We pride ourselves in carrying the best there is to offer.


Many of our supplements come in great tasting flavors and powders that can be mixed into water, milk or food for a pleasant experience for you and your family.  


Over the years, we’ve found and partnered with only trustworthy brands who have a commitment to providing safe supplements free of unnecessary chemicals or substances. Our products are labeled with gluten-free, dairy-free, casein-free and other allergen-free supplements.

The Purely Integrative Difference

  • Knowledgeable Staff
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Our Family of Brands

We know everyone’s journey to better health changes every day, with unique needs that continue to develop from childhood through adulthood. That’s why we offer support through every stage of life. From the personal care of Carine Pediatrics, to the support for growing bodies of Purely Kids, to the ongoing support of Purely Integrative, our vitamins, supplements and care can help you and your whole family live your best lives.


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