Got Allergies? Here's Some Simple Support For You!

Got Allergies? Here's Some Simple Support For You!

Here are 3 easy options to help you through allergy season.

Before we give you our top 3 choices for allergy season, we wanted to let you know how we have personally benefitted from this. My children and I had some serious bouts with allergies both spring and fall season.  My son was out of school for weeks on end.  Two of my three daughters missed several days due to the typical runny nose and sneezing allergies bring on. After making these three simple changes, both my children and I have seen a dramatic shift in our health during allergy season. Asthma that can also occur spring and fall disappeared for both my son and daughter. We also followed some dietary changes that I will cover in another blog to keep this one to the point.

1. Take Your Fish Oil

Omega 3's otherwise known as fish oil helps your body react in a less harsh way to both external and internal allergens.  Studies have demonstrated fish oil's positive role in reducing allergic responses. We offer several Omega 3 options.

2. Pick A Probiotic

Probiotics have been proven to help allergies. Recent research demonstrates the immune system's beneficial reaction after research participants take probiotics.

3. Find Some Local Honey

A teaspoon of local honey a day from an organic source gives you the local pollen that can shift your body's response to environmental triggers. Even the National Institute of Health provides research and traditional uses of honey. Make sure you don't offer it to a child under 2 years of age. 

If you give these three recommendations a try you may experience the benefits that my children and I have been able to enjoy!



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