Spring Cold?  It’s Probably Allergies.

Spring Cold? It’s Probably Allergies.

Often, parents bring a child into our office because they seem to have a cold that lingers for weeks at a time or they constantly have a runny nose. In addition, maybe their child is struggling in school, they’re always tired, having trouble with attention and struggling with mood regulation. Many times, this is the cause of allergies and as adults we don’t recognize it because we downplay how allergies affect our lives. As adults, we deal with it or reach for something to help us through the day because we have a lot of things to do and work to get done.

Children have the same needs. They have a lot going on in their lives. They are learning their social interactions and academics, and they’re maturing and learning mood control. These are super important parts of a child’s life. And if they are feeling the way the rest of us are feel when our noses are stuffy and we don’t sleep well, they are just not going to be able to do those things as well as other children can do them.

The other thing that’s really important to know about allergies is how it drains your immune system. We come across all sorts of germs in a day that your immune system has to mount a response to. When you have an allergy, your immune system is confused. It thinks things like mold, pollen, dust and animal hair are enemies, but they are not. Of course, we have more significant germs as flu and things like that. We have to mount a response to those stronger germs.

It’s like your immune system is sitting in a fort, that’s ready and waiting and they are allergy decoys out there. They send soldiers running out of the fort to attack the allergy decoys. But meanwhile the real enemy germs are coming in on the other side and the fort is left unable to defend itself. This is what happens when you leave allergies in an uncontrolled state. You come across the normal germs that your immune system should be able to have a small little battle with and you’ll be better in a couple of days, but instead now you’re out for a week or two.

So, when we treat allergies, we’re keeping the soldiers in the immune system fort. This increases our energy and helps us sleep better.

We recommend two natural products to treat allergies:

D-Hist and D-Hist Jr.


D-Hist is a combination of nettles which is an herb that is known to have anti-histamine properties that blocks that block the histamine response in the allergy system. It also has quercetin which is a mast cell stabilizer to diminish the release of histamine. Click here for D-Hist and here for D-Hist Jr.





We also have Sabadil which is a homeopathic product. Homeopathy uses very dilute concentrations of allergens, almost to the point where they are negligent in the product, to trigger your immune system to respond in a way you’d like it to respond. In this case, it helps us reduce the allergy response. They are super safe.

When we look at the wellness of our children, it’s really important to take seasonal allergies seriously.  Our goal is that they can breathe through their nose, so they are not as sick as often, that they can sleep comfortably and that we see daytime improvement in symptoms.

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