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What is Zeolite: Is It Too Good to Be True?

You’ve certainly heard of Zeolite for detox and its miraculous effects, but does it sound too good to be true? That means it most likely is. Zeolite is not worth the craze, and we are going to explain why. Keep reading to get the answer to “What is Zeolite?” and many more burning questions!

What is Zeolite? 

person in white shirt holding stomachZeolite is a naturally occurring mineral compound that has started to be used as a detox supplement, available in liquid, pill, and tablet form. Hazardous particles such as metals and free radicals are positively charged ions. On the other hand, Zeolite is a negatively charged ion, meaning it can bind up and draw out unwanted toxins from your body. 

Why are people taking it?

 Many adults are taking Zeolite and also giving it to their children to flush out harmful substances and detox the body. Removing pathogens from the body– that all sounds good, right? But there’s more to it than that. Since Zeolite’s main job is to bind up ions, it can also cage beneficial nutrients your body needs, such as iron. Because it’s such an absorbent compound, it can also cause dehydration. So that’s the answer to “What is Zeolite?” but there’s one more question we want to answer.

What can you take to help with detoxification support? 

You can trust your body to make the important decision of detoxification all by itself most of the time. If you do feel like you need some extra support, we can recommend several alternatives to Zeolite. The following products work with your body to encourage detoxification:


pure biotic cleanseProbiotics are one of the best things you can take to encourage your body’s natural detox process. The live bacteria strains in probiotics maintain a healthy gut biome, a key component in ensuring that potentially harmful substances are eradicated rather than sustained in the body. We recommend the Pure-Biotic Children’s Chewable for kids 2 years old and up; this supplement tastes good but doesn’t use artificial flavoring or sugars. For adults, we suggest the Pure Biotic Cleanse supplement, a convenient powder you can add to your beverage of choice. This powerful probiotic delivers 225 billion active probiotic cultures per packet, which are also designed to withstand the harsh gastrointestinal tract for maximum benefits.

Detox Support:

Detox Support contains a blend of important plant extracts and compounds, including silymarin, artichoke extract, curcumin, methionine, choline, inositol, garlic, and dandelion root. These ingredients support Phase I and Phase II of the liver detox, working with your body to enhance the natural process of getting rid of toxins. 

Milk Thistle:

Milk Thistle is an herb that’s been used for years as a way to encourage liver detoxification. The main active ingredient, Silymarin, supports and protects liver cells from harmful toxins.  

If you’ve ever asked the question– what is Zeolite?– we hope you now understand the answer! Also, you know a bit more about detoxification and which supplements you should take instead of Zeolite! Are you interested in additional detox support? Take a look at a few more safe and natural ways to detox your body

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