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Children hold endless potential.  We feel it's our job to help your children realize theirs by becoming your partner in their growth and development.

After 17 years practicing pediatric care, we have discovered the best nutritional supplements that offer the highest quality in the industry that comply with GMP standards.  Taste, texture, affordability and wide acceptance of our patient population have led us to choose the following lines of supplements: Ortho Molecular Products, Kirkman,Nordic NaturalsNature's Plus Animal Parade, Boiron, Pro Thera, Natural Vitality, Klaire Labs, Tapaahsia Farms, Goatee Farm, Professional's Care, Lee Silsby, and Gaia Herbs.  

Special needs like Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, PANDAS and other health challenges are welcome in our office.  Seasonal allergies, cold and flu, skin conditions and sleep issues are all addressed by our medical team.  The supplements we carry provide support for a vast array of medical conditions and symptoms.  We also provide nutritional supports for patients who may have absorption and digestive needs.  Answering our questionnaire and providing feedback can help guide you to the best supplemental supports for your individual needs.

Provide your current physician with any changes to your current supplement regimen. Supplements must be used with caution and under the care of a physician if purchased from our website.  Please refer to our terms and conditions of sale, privacy policy and terms of use before finalizing your purchase with us.  We are grateful you chose to evaluate our site regarding your supplement needs.