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Nature has a solution for everything, even helping to metabolize blood sugar.*

The alkaloid berberine has long been used for various health benefits. Sustainably sourced from barberry seeds, Enzymedica’s Berberine supports healthy blood sugar already within the normal range, along with the immune and cardiovascular systems.


• Helps maintain healthy metabolism of blood sugar*
• Supports healthy immune and cardiovascular system function*
• Sustainably sourced from barberry seeds
• Promotes a healthy microbiome*
• Targeted release capsule

What is berberine?

An alkaloid found in many plants, including goldenseal, barberry, Oregon grape and goldthread, berberine has long been used as a natural medicine for a number of common ailments. Over time, science has backed up what common wisdom has long told, especially with its power to boost blood sugar metabolism and promote weight loss.*

What makes Enzymedica's Berberine better?

Enzymedica’s Berberine is sustainably made from barberry seeds, and is encapsulated in a targeted delivery capsule to ensure that all the benefits get right where they’re needed. Without the coating, stomach acid will break down the capsule and cause the berberine to bond with itself, forming insoluble complexes that cannot be absorbed.

What is science saying about it?

There are numerous research studies that support Berberine's use as a dietary supplement. In a series of two double-blind studies, Berberine was found to be influential for healthy weight management.*1,2

In addition, the Journal of Ethnopharmacology published a detailed review of the 27 clinical studies with berberine, giving insight into its safety and efficacy.3 These studies were not performed on Enzymedica's product, but did study the main ingredient, berberine. Dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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