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CoQH™ (50 mg)

CoQH™ (50 mg)

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Item Description

Two beneficial forms of coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), ubiquinone and ubiquinol, are continually recycled in the body. Ubiquinol acts as a powerful antioxidant in mitochondria and lipid membranes.† Both ubiqiuinol and uiquinone are needed for the efficient production of ATP. This formula is specifically indicated for individuals unable to efficiently reduce ubiquinone. CoQH also contains ubiquinol, solubilized in d-limonene oil and stabilized with natural emulsifying agents, which can be directly utilized by the body.

Product Info-

Serving Size:1 SoftGel
Servings Per Container:60
Amount Per Serving
Ubiquinol‡ (reduced form of Coenzyme Q10)50 mg
Other Ingredients:
d-Limonene oil, gelatin, glycerin, water, caprylic acid, caramel, capric acid, alpha-lipoic acid

Dietary Considerations-

  • Wheat Free
  • Dairy/ Milk Free
  • Gluten Free
  • Soy Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Corn Free
  • Free of Artificial Colors/Flavors
  • Egg Free
  • Shellfish Free
  • Fish Free
  • Tree Nut Free
  • Peanut Free

Suggested Use-

1 softgel, 1 to 2 times daily with food or as directed by a healthcare professional.


If you are pregnant, nursing, have a medical condition, or taking prescription drugs, consult your physician before using this product. Keep out of reach of children.

These softgels contain pure ubiquinol, the reduced form of coenzyme Q10, formulated in a vegetable oil base with a natural emulsifying and stabilizing agent. Ubiquinol is the most active form of coenzyme Q10 and is readily absorbed.

‡Kaneka QH™ reduced form of coenzyme Q10. Kaneka QH™ is a trademark of Kaneka Corporation.

Do not use if shrinkwrap is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place (59°F-85°F) away from direct light. Produced under a strict quality management system in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and third-party quality certifications.

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