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Focus Support (previously named Omega Focus)

Focus Support (previously named Omega Focus)

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Helps optimize with focus (i.e., attention) affect people of all ages, including adults. A significant body of research has linked numerous biological, genetic, and environmental factors to attention-related concerns; these factors will vary from person to person over time. Importantly, numerous studies suggest that dietary changes and supplemental nutrients may play an important role in normalizing an individual’s focus.

Evidence suggests that foundational nutrient molecules are needed to maintain normal cell structure (such as membranes) and influence cell signaling (response) pathways, while others modulate and promote the normal action of important enzymes and receptors. Thus, using certain foundational nutrients within an individual based nutritional strategy may be particularly useful for improving one’s ability to focus. This product provides a selected team of foundational nutrients, each in a form the body can easily use, that work together throughout the brain to help support the optimal structure and function of brain cells, and promote effective communication between neurons.*

• Safe, highly absorbable ingredients
• Supports working memory and focused attention*
• Optimizes the function of brain cells*
• Includes concentrated DHA-rich fish oil in superior
• 90+% triglyceride form
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