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North American Herb&Spice

Orega RESP

Orega RESP

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This is the oil form of the multiple spice oil complex, potent and well-tolerated, for supporting immune and respiratory health.*

What's inside:


Both cumin spice oil and the ground whole spice are highly potent for supporting overall health. Cumin is rich in rare trace minerals, like bismuth, gold, iridium, and platinum, which support a healthy overall cellular response. This includes a healthy pancreatic and liver response and thus healthy support for the blood sugar mechanism. Cumin also supports the health of the brain and nervous system.*

Beneficial for: Digestive system and weight management.*

Oregano Oil:

No corruption by genetically modified plants or poisonous pesticides. Original wild, high-mountain P73 oregano with the power of photonic energy, of mountain rocks and sun. Contains the flavonoid quercitin as well as the key minerals calcium and magnesium.

Beneficial for: heatlhy aging, children's health, and immune system.*


This powerful plant has a long history of use, and research has shown why. Wild sage contains a variety of volatile oils, flavonoids (apigenin, diosmetin, and luteolin), and phenolic acids, including the valuable rosmarinic acid. Wild sage is a natural source of calcium, phosphorous, and magnesium. Historically, the Greeks and Romans prized it for its many healing properties. The Romans valued sage so highly that they held sacred ceremonies for gathering it.

Beneficial for: Heatlhy aging, hair, skin and nails, and immune system.*

• Charged with sun energy
• Scientifically studied
• Sourced from the Mediterranean Mountains
• Hand picked by villagers
• Phytochemical-rich
• Whole food
• Wild-sourced

OregaResp P73 Oil is a good source of:

• Antioxidants
• Phenolic compounds
• Terpenes
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