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Paracid-X is a comprehensive formula designed to assist traditional protocols in removing a broad range of non-beneficial organisms from the body. Paracid-X contains sweet wormwood as well as additional amounts of artemisinin, which can interfere with non-beneficial organisms. Olive leaf extract is traditionally used to support microbial balance and help maintain a normal inflammatory response in the body. Black walnut (Juglans nigra) hull is perhaps one of the better-known traditional ingredients for intestinal concerns. Sweet wormwood and artemisinin, along with Berberine, assist in creating an environment that is inhospitable to non-beneficial organisms, while leaving beneficial gut bacteria relatively unaffected.*

Supporting the elimination of these organisms from the gut may support overall health. Finally, components of the Paracid-X formula can support a healthy immune response.*

• Botanical support to address GI support*
• Provides a broad combination of potent botanicals
• Immune-supporting properties to support the innate immune response*
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