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Probzyme Tropical Punch Chewable

Probzyme Tropical Punch Chewable

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ProbZyme is a comprehensive, chewable vegetarian formulation designed to support digestive tract health and nutrient absorption in people of all ages.*


• Contains non-dairy probiotics and a broad spectrum of digestive enzymes. • Provides beneficial amylase, bromelain, lactase, lipase, protease and cellulase.(guaranteed at expiration date) • Offers a complete spectrum of microrganisms to span the entire GI tract along with digestive enzymes to aid in nutrient absorption. Prob-Zyme is designed to soothe the digestive tract lining and provide ingredients that support proper immune function and microbial balance.*

ProbZyme Supports:

• Healthy bowel function* • Digestion* • Regularity* • Lactose intolerance* • Immune System*

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