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Sun Chlorella

Sun Chlorella - 200 mg

Sun Chlorella - 200 mg

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For over 40 years, our commitment to quality and purity has secured Sun Chlorella Corp. as a worldwide industry leader of chlorella. Sun Chlorella Corp. uses the nutritionally superior species of Chlorella pyrenoidosa and our patented pulverization process utilizing the DYNO®-Mill machine. This exclusive process of breaking down chlorella’s tough outer cell wall ensures maximum bioavailability, digestion, and assimilation of Sun Chlorella®’s nutrients. Sun Chlorella® is the only chlorella to contain a 95% pulverized cell wall without using heat or chemicals. Join millions of health conscious individuals and take Sun Chlorella® every day!

Product of Japan

Nutrition analysis performed by an independent laboratory in Japan.


Product Info-
Serving Size:15 Tablet
Servings Per Container:20
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Total Carbohydrate,less than1 g
Protein2 g4%
Vitamin A (100% (45 mcg) as beta-carotene)45 mcg5%
Vitamin D27 mcg135%
Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)0.1 mg8%
Niacin1.1 mg7%
Vitamin B60.1 mg6%
Folate DFE36 mcg9%
Vitamin B127 mcg292%
Iron5 mg28%
Phosphorus48 mg4%
Magnesium11 mg3%
Chlorella (Chlorella pyrenoidosa) (pulverized)3 g
Lutein3 mg
Alpha-carotene189 mcg
Chlorophyll63 mcg
Omega-3 fatty acids54 mg
Omega-6 fatty acids56 mg
Other Ingredients:
soy lecithin (derived from soy beans that were not genetically modified)

Suggested Use-

Suggested use: 15 tablets per day with a meal. May be taken all at once or in smaller amounts as desired with meals.


Contains soy.

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